About Us

Our visibility comes from our ability to optimize for growth and profit. 
Babylon was founded in 1997 and traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (BBYL). 

Babylon is running 2 divisions: 

we are looking to invest in ambitious companies in every field, we are open to hear new ideas and talented minds.
We have the financial resources and we are waiting for the next big thing to invest in. 

We are monetizing desktop apps since 2007 for billions of downloads.
Providing publishers and app developers using our intelligence systems and top advertisers and monetization solutions and gives the ability to monetize and promote their applications or content. 

In 2014, the translation division acquired by Babylon software ltd 
Babylon Translation offers translations in 77 languages, dictionary definitions and Wikipedia results in 25 languages.
The software is sold worldwide and is used in over 168 countries and has a growing user base of over 90 million desktop installations.